Life in a Qualia Care Home

Life in a Qualia Care Home

Our qualified and caring staff, clean and inviting environments, homely bedrooms and living spaces and delicious food makes a Qualia Care home a pleasant place to live, where residents can receive the right care and support they need.

Qualia Care - Our caring staff

Our caring staff

Great care is all about great people. Our compassionate and professional staff have the right mix of values, skills and experience to deliver person-centred care. Our friendly, well-trained team are on-hand to ensure you feel safe, supported and comfortable, and receive the right care based on your needs, whilst providing the freedom and encouragement to empower you to realise your own dreams, ambitions and goals.

Gilwood Lodge Nursing Home - Qualia Care

An inviting environment

Our pleasant, clean and welcoming environments are specifically designed to create the best possible experience for residents, and are adapted with a range of specialist equipment to facilitate the delivery of our high-quality care. Offering the latest in comfort, way-finding, technological and sensory features, our homes are safe, modern and well maintained, whilst preserving their own unique character and charm.

Qualia Care - Homely bedrooms and living spaces

Homely bedrooms and living spaces

Our bright, spacious and inviting bedrooms are decorated, furnished and enhanced with the experience of each resident in mind. Each bedroom provides residents a special place to call home. When moving in, residents are encouraged to add furniture and familiar personal items to their room to make it feel their own. Across the wider home a variety of living and social spaces provide room to flourish and enjoy day-to-day life, along with fellow residents and staff.

Qualia Care - Delicious food and drink

Delicious food and drink

The quality and choice of our appetising food served each day makes each mealtime an enjoyable dining experience. We offer a variety of nutritious and healthy foods to ensure both dietary needs and cultural preferences are catered to. Carers, families and friends of residents are always welcome to join us for food and drinks whilst visiting.

Qualia Care - End-of-life support

End-of-life support

As part of our commitment to quality care, all of our care locations which provide this type of caring as a primary service have an exclusive suite of rooms, away from the main home’s centralised activities, and have either obtained, or are in the process of achieving, the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) award.

Our end-of-life suites have been carefully furnished to provide a peaceful and dignified environment for residents and families at a difficult time.