Qualia Care - Safety and Technology

Safety and Technology

Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment and technology to assist in the delivery of high-quality, person-centred care. With multi-sensory environments, specialist equipment and Wi-Fi nurse call technology, our homes are enhanced, modern and safe.

Qualia Care - Wi-Fi nurse call technology

Wi-Fi nurse call technology

With the very latest Wi-Fi nurse call technology, our care homes allow for personal pendants and wristbands to be used, providing freedom to access and roam the secure gardens and grounds without undue need for accompaniment, respecting each individuals sense of privacy, independence and dignity, whilst remaining close by with suitable support available momentarily if needed.

Qualia Care - New ways to keep in touch

New ways to keep in touch

We use the latest technologies to help to keep residents in contact with loved ones and friends. A smart television in each bedroom enables residents to remain closely attached through modern Wi-Fi technologies, such as Skype calls to loved ones and friends who may be further afield.

Qualia Care - Multi-sensory environments

Multi-sensory environments

Our homes also feature dedicated spaces that provide individuals who have cognitive challenges with the opportunity to enjoy and control a variety of sensory experiences. Bridging sensory and cognitive barriers, these spaces allow residents to experience the world around them in new ways, promoting stimulating activity, as well as encouraging relaxation and well-being.

Qualia Care -Specialist equipment – a spa style bathing experience

Specialist equipment – a spa-style bathing experience

With a variety of specialist equipment, our care homes are modern, well-equipped spaces. Tilt-in-space specialist baths, for example, provide residents with easy access and a comfortable bathing experience. Featuring soothing light show technology, an internalised music system, aromatherapy and spa treatment options, residents may enjoy a safe and soothing bathing experience.

Qualia Care - Dementia specific design

Dementia specific design

Dementia affects everyone differently. That’s why we work to understand each person experiencing a dementia or related condition in our care to provide the very best individualised dementia care and improve each resident’s sense of well-being.

The choice of design elements and interior design in all our care homes helps to create a pleasant and homely atmosphere that is safe and welcoming for people who experience a dementia or related condition. From specially designed sensory rooms that promote a feeling of relaxation and calm, to memory boxes outside each room that help each resident identify their own room, every detail has been thoughtfully considered.

All our rooms are designed, decorated and furnished to meet dementia-specific requirements. Rooms include a combination of ergonomically enhanced spaces, advanced assistive technology, safe comfortable furnishings as well as suitable patterns and decor to create an optimum environment for delivering quality dementia care that supports each individual’s needs and independence.